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Success Stories

Read how the Collaborative Practice approach helped these families address difficult issues and resolve their disputes respecfully to come up with agreements that work for everyone.

“Both our adult daughters said they’re really proud of how we treated each other with kindness during the divorce. That wouldn’t have been possible if we’d opted for the court process.”

Jane, in Orillia

“My wife and I had very different ideas about our parenting roles after separation. The child specialist helped us bridge our differences by focusing on the children's needs and they came out the winners through our family’s participation in this process.”

Robert, in Barrie

“I liked the fact that our respective Collaborative lawyers would have to withdraw if we decided to go to court. It meant they weren’t exacerbating things to earn more money.”

Susan, in Toronto

“I heard horror stories about people who went through the courts and nickel and dimed each other down to who got the dining room table. Not us - we’ve been able to compromise and maintain a relationship. None of that would have been possible without the help of our Collaborative Practice professionals.”

Cyd, inToronto