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Precedents for Collaborative Professionals...

The OCLF has developed the following precedents and checklists for Collaborative professionals.  These are a work in progress.  We look forward to your feed-back so we can make these precedents as useful as possible.  These documents are for reference only and the OCLF has no copyright on them. Members are free to use them or customize them as they see fit.

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The document should then open in MS Word for viewing or further work.

OCLF takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions arising out of their use.

Please provide your feed-back to:  PracticeProcedures@oclf.ca


OCLF Participation Agreement - in this agreement only the clients sign as parties.  All the professionals sign acknowledging they will abide by the Collaborative process.

OCLF Retainer Agreement – sample retainer agreement between lawyer and client.


OCLF Invitation Letter – sample letter to spouse of potential Collaborative client.

Financial Information Forms:

OCLF Average Monthly Budget Form – this is intended to be used by clients, lawyers, or financial professionals instead of a formal Financial Statement budget.  Instructions are included for totalling the various categories of expenses.

OCLF Asset and Debt Summary Form – this is intended to be used by clients to assist in the collection of financial information for a Net Family Property Statement.

OCLF Documents & Information Normally Exchanged - this list is intended to be used by clients, with direction from lawyers, to assist in collecting financial documentation and information.

Process Guidelines and Checklists:

OCLF Communication Guidelines – these are intended to be used by all members of the Collaborative team as “ground rules” for behaviour.

 OCLF Risk Assessment Tool for Lawyers – this is intended to assist lawyers to assess clients’ risk factors that may indicate a need for Family Professional support and/or intervention.

OCLF Parenting Plan Considerations – this is intended for clients to help them understand what expertise and information may be needed to develop a parenting plan.

OCLF Client-Lawyer Checklist for First Team Meeting – this checklist is intended to assist lawyers and clients to prepare for the first team meeting.  Topics include a review of the process, the lawyer’s role in the process, canvassing the need for other professionals, and a reminder to clients of potential pitfalls.

OCLF Client-Lawyer Debrief Checklist after Team Meetings – this includes a list of questions for lawyers to ask clients to make sure the process is working for them, and to remind them of each person’s role in the process.

OCLF Lawyer-Lawyer Debrief Checklist after Team Meetings – this checklist includes discussion topics such as:  how well did the meeting work for the clients, gathering information, how well is the team working, and what still needs to be done to reach an agreement.

Privacy Policy

OCLF Privacy Policy Precedent – All law firms must comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, (PIPEDA). This Act gives persons who retain legal professionals, rights concerning the protection of the privacy of their personal information. Lawyers are responsible for the personal information collected from clients. This privacy policy is one example of a policy lawyers may wish to provide to clients.