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Practice Group Retreat Pilot Project

Is your practice group stagnating?
Does your group need an injection of energy and direction?
Is your practice group ready to take CP to the next level in your community?

The Practice Group Retreat Pilot Project is here to help!

The OCLF is excited to launch this initiative and we are taking applications for our Practice Group Retreat Pilot Project starting . . . now!

We will send 2 facilitators to your community to lead a strategic planning retreat in the morning and a skills development workshop in the afternoon. After the retreat, the facilitators will provide follow up support by conference calls with your local practice leaders.

And for the duration of the pilot project, it will be at no cost; we are just asking your group to provide the venue and refreshments!

To apply now: Download, Complete the attached Application form and Send it to Lori Lawson
by e-mail: lori@grahamandshouldice.ca or
by mail: 124 Merton Street, Suite 300, M4S 2Z2 Toronto, Ontario
or by fax: 416-597-9764 in care of Deborah Graham.


Ignite or revitalize your collaborative practice group with a strategic planning retreat. The facilitators will lead a half day retreat in which you and your fellow collaborators will create a customized action plan addressing the specific needs and goals of your local community. We will work with your community leaders ahead of time to ensure the facilitators have a sense of the strengths and challenges of your local group.


In the afternoon, the facilitators will lead a workshop from amongst the following options: 

  1. Initial Consultations
    • comparison of ‘old’ and ‘new’ consults
    • narrative style
    • how to talk about the law
    • how to talk about process options
  2. Overcoming Reluctance
    • de-bunking myths about Collaborative Practice
    • overcoming resistance of the reluctant client
    • getting buy-in from the reluctant spouse
    • getting a Participation Agreement signed with the reluctant lawyer
  3. Team
    • role of each professional
    • the benefits of the team approach
    • how it all fits together
    • choreography, cost-effectiveness and protocols
  4. Collaborative Advocacy
    • comparison of ‘old’ and ‘new’ advocacy
    • the spectrum of advocacy from facilitative to partisan
    • how to assess the advocacy needs of your client
    • how to be an advocate and remain true to collaborative principles

For more information contact:

Deborah Graham at: deborah@deborahgraham.ca; or
Brian Galbraith at: brian@galbraithfamilylaw.com; or
Joelle Adelson at: jadelson@adelsonlaw.ca; or
Bev Lemay at: bev.lemay@sympatico.ca; or