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Judges' Comments

Ontario's Judges with expertise in family law recognize the value of Collaborative Practice.
Read what some Judges say about how families benefit from this approach:

Justice Harvey Brownstone of the Ontario Court of Justice

"Many people prefer the Collaborative process because it allows them to maintain their privacy; the financial and personal details of their family breakdown are not accessible to the public in court files.  Parents who have the maturity to appreciate that it is in their children's best interests that decisions be made in an atmosphere of mutual respect, dignity, and co-operation should explore the Collaborative family law process."

Madam Justice Heather McGee of the Ontario Court of Justice:

Collaborative professionals draw on a variety of skill sets to resolve conflict between couples during separation or divorce. All lawyers could benefit from using this same approach.”

Madam Justice June Maresca of the Ontario Court of Justice:

“Collaborative lawyers are able to advocate on behalf of their clients without being adversarial.”

Madam Justice C. Ann Nelson of the Ontario Court of Justice:

"In a separation or divorce, going to court can be stressful and highly emotional, causing some clients to feel overwhelmed and even helpless. In those cases, litigators employing Collaborative skills assist clients by reducing tension, providing professional support and helping couples focus on key issues in order to reach a resolution.”