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Click here to download a copy of our brochure in English

Click here to download a copy of our brochure in French

Important downloading Considerations

The brochure is a high quality PDF file of about 1.3 MegBytes.
Some browsers might have problems downloading it. The browser may appear to hang up or the second page never arrives in the browser window. To obtain a successful download, you may use one of the following techniques:

1.Hover the mouse cursor over the English or French link as desired, and click the right button.
From the menu that appears, click on the "Save target as..." command.
Another menu will appear allowing you to save a copy of the brochure on your computer. Click the "Save" button after you have decided where to save the brochure file.
These actions will direct the browser to download and save the brochure file allowing you to open and view it at your leisure.

2. Another technique is to hover the mouse cursor overany of the brochure images on the side of this page and click the left button.
Each page of the brochure will be downloaded individually. You will have 2 separate files to view.

For Collaborative Professionals
Important Printing Considerations:

The brochure files are ready to be taken to a printing company for quality printing on an appropriate paper stock and then folded.

The files can also be printed on your own computer(s). Results will vary depending on the type of paper used and the printer's ability to print close to the paper's edges. Hand folding can be used if necessary.

A reasonable quality print will be obtained if a paper weight of at least 24 lb and a brightness rating of at least 100 is used.

For further assistance, contact the OCLF webmaster.