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Untying the Knot - Is Collaborative Divorce Right for your Family
"When you got married, you hardly imagined the day you'd decide to untie the knot."
Members of the Collaborative Practice Durham Region group talk about how a Collaborative process can help couples transition into the next phase of their lives while saving time, heartache and money..
This article was orginally published in Experience Your Town, Whitby, Brooklin & More - 2018 Fall & Winter edition and authored by Linda White

Law Times Magazine Article about Collaborative Practice
The benefits of using the Collaborative Practice Process by separating or divorcing families are discussed.

Judge Harvey Brownstone talks about his experiences as a Family Court Judge:
CBC Radio’s “Out in the Open” talks to Judge Harvey Brownstone about the reality of separation and divorce in family court where the focus is often on emotions and revenge, not legal issues. His advice:
Couples need to be better informed about options when they separate.
Choosing an adversarial court system to air their grievances works against the best interests of their children.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” -- In this March 26, 2014 Huffington Post article, Collaborative Practice Toronto member Nathalie Boutet suggests Gwyneth Paltrow’s description of her separation with Chris Martin as a “conscious uncoupling” could signal the couple will be looking at a Collaborative divorce.

Ten Tips for the Holidays -- by Robin Deutsch, PhD, former President of the Association of Family and Concillation Courts(AFCC) for separating parents. This article is re-printed from the AFCC Newsletter, November 2011, with our thanks for permission from the AFCC and Dr. Deutsch.

No Court Divorce That Puts Kids First Gaining Popularity – OCLF Press Release September 16, 2010– Promoting a child-focused province-wide conference for Collaborative professionals in Burlington, Ontario.

Collaborative Client Interview -- Judth Huddart and a collaborative client were interviewed by Matt Galloway on CBC's Metro Morning in Toronto, September, 2010 following Ontario Chief Justice Winkler's comments concerning the need for changes to family law in the court system.

The Better Way to Divorce – Toronto Sun, September 16, 2010 – Mother looking for a less adversarial way to divorce talks about her experience with the Collaborative approach.

Legal Affairs:  A Kinder Court – Canadian Business Magazine, February 18, 2008 – Collaborative team of professionals helps support Woodbridge, Ontario couple work through the legal, emotional and financial challenges of their divorce.

Finding a 'Lifeline’ Through Divorce – Toronto Star, January 14, 2008 – Couples and their lawyers choose Collaborative practice, a less adversarial, less costly approach to separating.

The Friendly Divorce – Today’s Parent, September, 2007 – Why couples looking for a more constructive way to divorce that protects their children choose a Collaborative approach.

Must Divorce End in Acrimony? – The Toronto Star, March 18, 2007 – Collaborative financial professionals assist couples with the challenges of making ends meet in two homes after separation.

Divorce Without Conflict? – Globe and Mail, March 18, 2006 – There are ways to split up without becoming enemies.

Lawyers Taking a Collaborative Approach  –The Globe and Mail, September 9, 2002 – Lawyers focusing clients on settlement at the outset instead of at the courtroom door save them financial and emotional costs.

The Happy Divorce – How to break up and make up – Maclean’s Magazine, January 21, 2002 - This feature article was one of the first to highlight the Collaborative option for Canadians.